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Almost all of the plastics used have a tendency to electrostatic surface charging. As a result, impurities like dust particles out of the ambient air settle particularly on the surface of the parts. We counteract this negative effect during the cleaning process of ionization and at the same time, we eliminate already existing impurities in the form of dust particles.


Plasma pretreatment

The plasma pretreatment effects a modification of the surface structure of plastics with limited adhesiveness, such as polyprophylene or polyethylene. The increase in the surface energy results in an efficient increase in the adhesion behavior (adhesion). At the same time, the method makes it possible to fine-graze the impurities, the so-called adhesive layer, which are not visually detectable. This almost emission-free pre-treatment process creates an economic advantage for the customer, compared to the more cost-intensive use of primers (adhesion promoters).