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The series painting with one or two-component water or solvent-based lacquer systems is carried out allowing for functional as well as decorative requirements and has been part of our core competence for more than two decades.

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Drum coating

The coating of small mass produced parts in this machine is a hot air process, where small parts are coated in a closed spraying chamber. Basic operation of this efficient and economic technology consists of the small bulk parts to be coated being loaded into the rotating drum, which is totally encapsulated.

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Metallisierung / PVD-Beschichtung

Metallization / PVD coating

he vacuum evaporation of pure aluminum in combination with the subsequent protective coating or the application of a HMDS coating allows the emulation of metallic surfaces. Because of economic and not least ecological aspects it is particularly used where a galvanic coating can be dispensed with.

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Almost all of the plastics used have a tendency to electrostatic surface charge. As a result, impurities such as dust particles from the ambient air preferentially settle on the surface of the coating material. We counteract this negative effect during the purification process of the ionization process and simultaneously remove existing impurities in the form of dust particles.

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